Life is short. Do the Photoshoot!

When is the last time you did something for yourself? Like REALLY did something for yourself? This is it! This is that moment. As women, we are programmed to think that everyone else should come before us. We sacrifice our own needs so others can be happy. We often feel guilty when we do. " Oh, I just can't spend that much money on myself." Is what I often hear from women. You can't? Or you won't? sit down and ask yourself why?. You can take your family on a vacation to Disney right? That's an investment. So why not invest in yourself? Don't you deserve it? YES!, YES! you do! Well, I am here to tell you that this is your time to shine. It's ok to put yourself first. It's okay to spend a day on yourself being a bad-ass spoiled boudoir babe. For some, this is a Once in a lifetime experience & I want to help you unleash that inner goddess. Put the Mom, parent, Business owner, Chauffeur & teacher aside for the day and remember who you were before all that. So what are you waiting for? Let's do this!

"a strong woman looks a challenge in the eye & gives it a wink."


Planning & Pre-Consult

Styling & prep Guide

Professional Hair & makeup

2 outfit changes

Luxury studio rental

professional editing & retouching

online gallery for viewing images

Prepay for your collection in full when booking & Receive 15% off your collection.

The average investment for photos and products is 1200 - 3500. Most clients will apply for pay pal credit which is 6 months interest-free! OR You can take advantage of our New Boudie Bank Program!

*Sessions will be charged NC Sales Tax

Pricing & Packages

The Goddess

Choice of 7 boutique styled boxed prints Or 7 digital images

Digital 1200/Print 900

The Vixen

15 image 8x10 luxury album
Corresponding digital files on a crystal USB
11x14 metal print
Mobile Gallery app

$2000 or 15 digital images $1500

The Femme Fatale

30 images 9x12 luxury album
corresponding digital files on a crystal USB
16x20 metal print
mobile gallery app

3500 or 30 digital images 2200

Boudie Bank account Program

YES! You can make this happen!

The Boudie Bank Account Program allows you to save up for your session over time while earning perks & bonuses. I wanted to create something that could allow everyone to experience a session.I want you to feel confident & empowered, after all this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for some women & I want to do everything possible to give that gift to you.

The Boudie Bank Account allows you to pre-pay for your session & collection for up to 12 months in advance. Pre-session

payments also qualify you for added Bonuses and exclusive perks. Pre- Session payment plans require a $395 fee to open up

your Boudie Bank Account. After you open your account your remaining balance will be equally divided leading up to your session date, with monthly,bi-monthly, or weekly automatic payments.

Pre-Payment Levels

$1500-1 Bonus

$2500- 2 Bonuses

$3800- 3 Bonuses

List of Bonuses to select from

Desk Calendar

Wall Calendar

One extra outfit

15 minutes added on to your session

2 extra album images

2 extra digital files

11x14 metal print

Retro View Finder

Boudie Beauty Bag


Do you help with styling?

I sure do! From the moment you book with me, I will guide you through the whole boudoir process. We will work together to find your perfect outfits for your session.

I've never done a boudioir session before & I don't know how to pose! Do you assist with posing?

GIRL! I will literally show you every step of the way. I will get on all fours and flip my hair back & fourth lol to show you what to do. No worries there!

I'm worried about stretchmarks, Cellulite and acne scars. Do you do any retouching?

Retouching is included in your session. I will remove any blemishes, scars, cellulite upon request. However, I do not encourage nor do I do any weight loss retouching to your photos. We thrive on Women Loving their bodies the way they are. I only pose you in ways that are flattering to your body type.

Should I wait to do a session so I can lose weight first?

OMG! No!, Girl! You are beautiful the way you are now! Love that skin your in! Boudoir is for all shapes, colors, and sizes. It does not discriminate. I photograph women of all sizes.

How soon can I see my images?

You will receive an online gallery with your retouched images within 2-3 weeks of your session.

Do you share my photos on social media?

I only share what I have permission to. Some ladies love to show off their new look because they are so confident after their session. This is usually discussed after you book. If you decide I can use the photos on my website/Social media then I will have you sign a model release giving me permission.

How soon do I receive my products?

All collections/Products will be ordered after your gallery is edited and emailed to you. You will then select what images from your gallery you want to add to your collection & Albums. Products usually take 3--6 weeks to be delivered.

What If I need to reschdule Or cancel?

All session fees & collections are non-refundable. If you need to reschedule or cancel another date/time will be provided for you. Please note if a studio/HMU was already booked and you cancel or reschedule an additional $500 will be applied to your session.